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Children’s Centres, Youth & Families 

Indigo’s long-established national reputation for catering for the young and young-at-heart won’t disappoint. From cute new-borns to cool teenagers, there are practical and fun branded items for all ages and every occasion. Keeping your unique marketing campaign in mind and raising your profile remains at the forefront of Indigo’s product selection. This rare blend of product mix and branding opportunities led to Indigo’s very first unique ‘Goody Guide’ collection back in 2010!


Children’s Centres, Youth & Families Branded Merchandise

Arguably the Country’s leading supplier to SureStart & Flying Start Nurseries and Family & Children’s Information Services, Fostering & Adoption Teams, Youth Clubs and many more.

Merchandise includes Mobile Phone Cases, Power Banks, Headphones, Caps, Watches, Legionnaires Hats, Plastic Feeder Cups and Cutlery Sets, Nursery and Bath Thermometers, Bibs, UV Wristbands, Pots of Bubbles, Teddy Bears, Colouring Books, Sunglasses, Badges, Bags, Banner Pens, Reflective Stickers and Arm Bands, Bookmarks, Money Boxes, Kites, Windmills, Frisbee’s, Safety Kits, Bubble Bath, Bath Ducks and Hooded Baby Towels to name but a few!